Ossian LS® Liquid Sprayer

Ossian LS Liquid Sprayer


Designed for use with the following Ossian approved Liquid De-icers.

In CANADA, Fusion 2350, a blend of Ossian’s Fusion®, marketed by Eco Solutions, has been approved for use with the Ossian LS®.


The cost and labor saving benefits of liquid anti-icing have been exploited by highway transportation departments for many years; however, until the Ossian LS® there was no way to bring the savings and environmental benefits of reducing chlorides to the sidewalks and small parking areas.

Spray Boom and Wand Applications

The Ossian LS® was designed specifically for the winter maintenance team responsible for city or facility de-icing of sidewalks and steps. The user-controlled boom unfolds to spray a standard four foot sidewalk in a single pass while the spray wand and hose allows the operator to easily treat outdoor steps.

5000 sqft or 1250 ft of Sidewalk

The four foot spray boom range of the Ossian LS effectively treats 1250 feet of sidewalk on a single tank (when applying the recommended one gallon per 1000 square feet at an average walking speed.) The five gallon tank is easily changed in the field without tools.

Protected from Corrosion

The all-plastic body with protected pump and battery compartments is designed to fend off the corrosive effects of anti-icers that destroy lesser made metal bodied sprayers.

ColdTech® Liquid De-Icer Pump

The ColdTech pump in the Ossian LS was designed specifically for the winter application of Ossian’s Liquid De-Icers.

Rechargable Power

The Ossian LS is powered by a rechargable 12V non-spillable battery. Additional spare batteries are available through local outlets or ordered through Ossian Inc.

The Ossian LS® is sold only for use with products that it was specifically designed and tested. It will not be warrantied for use with products not approved by Ossian. If you have questions on a particular product, please contact us.