FUSION® 80-10-10

  • Bio-based Additive

  • USDA Bio-Preferred Additive

  • High Performance Liquid Anti-Icer

  • Magnesium Chloride Free

  • Bio-based Additive

  • USDA Bio-Preferred Additive

  • High Performance Liquid Anti-Icer

  • Magnesium Chloride Free

Reduce Costs / Reduce Labor:

Liquid anti-icers applied ahead of a storm, reduce overtime and after storm cleanup. FUSION® 80-10-10 prevents the bonding of snow and ice to the pavement surface allowing easier removal with blade or shovel. FUSION® 80-10-10 applied prior to a storm can reduce or eliminate after storm cleanup and granular de-icer use, saving both material and labor costs.

Reduce Chlorides:

By applying FUSION® 80-10-10 ahead of the storm, a facility significantly decreases the amount of granular de-icers required after a storm, reducing overall chlorides impacting soil and water runoff areas.

Safe for Concrete and Vegetation:

FUSION® 80-10-10 will not harm concrete and vegetation when used according to label instructions. FUSION® 80-10-10 contains no added magnesium chloride which has been shown in studies to chemically attack concrete.


ANTI-ICING: On a cleared surface apply 1 gallon per 1000 square feet. Application rates may vary based on conditions. Apply 1 – 2 hours prior to snow fall. If snow is expected during the evening, product may be applied at dusk to aid in the removal of snow in the morning.

DE-ICING: Plow or shovel snow accumulation prior to applying product at a rate of 1 – 2 gallons per 1000 square feet. Applications rates vary depending on snow / ice depth and temperature conditions. In snow deeper than two(2) inches, all deicers are impractical.

DO NOT apply when the surface temperature is Below 10°F. At lower temperatures, apply TRIPLE MELT® dry ice melter. Liquid de-icers are not a replacement for granular deicers and should be used in conjunction.

Powered by Patented Bio-Based Accelerator:

Treated with Patented Coating Agent Fusion

Principal Application Anti-icing prior to storm
Color Dark Amber (non-staining)
Composition Sodium Chloride
Calcium Chloride
Patented, Bio-based additive
Packages Available 5gal / 250gal/ 4500gal
Patent Fusion®