Select® Ice Melter is a high performance potassium acetate based liquid ice melter. Use in areas where dependability is a must and environmental impact needs to be minimal.  Select® is primarily used as a pretreatment to prevent snow or ice from bonding or after precipitation.
Select® Liquid De-Icer is clear, clean and it doesn't create additional housekeeping problems. It's biodegradable, has low toxicity, low corrosion and is effective at -15° F. Also, it can be applied up to 12 hours before precipitation to keep snow and ice from sticking, making it easier to remove by mechanical means.



Near plantings or aquatic life that would be damaged by ordinary ice melters.
Around entrance ways to reduce tracking and maintenance costs.
On areas before a storm, to prevent snow from sticking.
Near moving equipment like escalators, elevators and automatic doors.

On diagonal or vertical surfaces.

Around mechanical trash handling systems.
On metal roofs, gutters and flashings.


Product Information

Select® ice melter is a potassium acetate based liquid intended for removal of snow and ice in commercial building applications. Select® ice melter is effective below -15F and is fast acting and long lasting. At the same time, Select® ice melter is environmentally friendly, biodegradable and will not, in recommended application, affect plant life. The product has low toxicity and zero flammability.

In moderately cold or warm conditions, the components in Select® ice melter will biodegrade 50 to 80 percent within 5 days. Complete biodegradation will occur within weeks. Toxicity studies dealing with potassium acetate based deicers have shown that it has very low mammalian acute oral toxicity and is expected to cause only slight eye irritation. Within generally accepted toxicity scales, Select® ice melter is categorized as "relatively harmless." This product is not expected to be toxic to aquatic organisms.

Select® ice melter is not listed as a hazardous waste, nor does it exhibit any of the characteristics that would cause it to be classified or disposed as a RCRA hazardous waste. For this reason, Select® ice melter may be considered a tool in facility waste water management planning.

Warning: May cause eye irritation. Avoid contact with eyes and skin.
First aid: If product gets in eyes, rinse immediately with fresh water for 15 minutes. See a doctor if irritation continues. Wash skin thoroughly with soap and water.

The freeze/thaw cycle of water can cause damage to concrete. The use of an ice melting agent increases these cycles and is a factor over which the manufacturer has no control. New (less than one year old) or poor quality and non-air entrained concrete is more susceptible to such damage. When using any deicer, good housekeeping practices and use of outside mats and inside "walk-off:" mats are encouraged for optimum safety. This product is intended for use by experienced professionals in varied commercial and industrial deicing applications. It should be used in conjunction with snow removal equipment to remove snow and ice from the surface area. The effectiveness of this product in any application will depend upon actual climatic and traffic conditions, rate of application, and other factors beyond manufacturers control, precluding guarantees of absolute safety and effectiveness. Consumer must assume all risk and liability resulting from the handling, storage and use of this product.

Use Select® Liquid De-Icer: