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PELADOW* (calcium chloride pellets) is a well known ice melt product capable of melting at -25F below zero. For safer sidewalks and steps you can't beat PELADOW Premier Snow and Ice Melter. In order for any deicer to work, it must become a solution. The solution (brine) provides the deicing action, not the solid material. PELADOW works fast because it attracts moisture from its surroundings, and quickly turns into a solution. Other commonly-used deicers can't do this. They need direct contact with a moisture source which, of course, isn't readily available at freezing temperatures.

 In addition, PELADOW is the only commonly-used deicer which is exothermic in its melting action. PELADOW gives off heat while dissolving, which speeds the melting process. And PELADOW keeps working even when temperatures go as low as -25F. So when we compare the speed of other deicers to PELADOW, there's really no contest.


Product Information

White odorless pellets of calcium chloride. PELADOW* goes into solution fast by attracting moisture from the atmosphere and its surroundings. When it goes into solution it gives off heat to melt ice and snow, while many competitive ice melters actually need heat to go into a deicing solution. For example: PELADOW* when compared to rock salt in equal amounts melts ice over 7 times faster 10F. 

Warning: Causes eye and skin irritation - Harmful if swallowed
Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing- Do not take internally- Wash thoroughly after handling.
First Aid- In case of eye contact, immediately flush eyes with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. Call a physician. In case of skin contact, flush skin with plenty of water. Remove contaminated clothing. Wash clothing before reuse. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Call a physician. Never give anything by mouth to an unconscious person.

*Trademark of The Occidental Petroleum Corporation
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Ossian Inc. has been developing and manufacturing high performance ice melters since 1974. Based in the heart
of the U.S. snowbelt, Ossian operates the most active private de-icing lab in the United States, working to reduce
our country's dependency on salt and pioneering alternative de-icing technology.