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The Only Truly Green Ice Melter is Now Available in Both Pellet & Liquid Formulations

PROBLEM: Grass and vegetation damage due to ice melter burn.
SOLUTION: WinterGreen® Ice Melt's Patented Formulation.

Green Friendly at Reduced Cost

Why go Liquid? Ossian Inc's patented greening ice melter is now easy on your wallet as well as your vegetation

The Calm Before The Storm® - Applying WinterGreen® Liquid to sidewalks and traffice areas prior to a winter storm, prevents the bonding of snow and ice. Light snows will melt on contact and heavy snows will be much easier to remove.

Saves Labor and Material - Cities and counties have reported for every pound of liquid de-icer used before the storm can save four pounds of product used after the storm. Without the chance to bond to concrete surfaces, snowfalls are much easier to remove.

Less Tracking - WinterGreen® liquid will track less than dry material, helping to avoid costly cleanups of entryways through the winter months.


Easy to Use - Incorporating liquids into your winter tool kit is easy with common spray equipment designed for a variety of liquids.
Liquid and Granular - With the benefits of using WinterGreen® Liquid prior to winter storms and WinterGreen® Pellet for sub zero conditions, it is not a case of one versus the other but to utilize both to their strenghts.

What Does Green Mean?

"All-Natural" does NOT mean it won't kill your grass!
Beware the Little Green Lie! With increasing pressure for green friendly products, there is a trend in ice melt marketing, to refer to products as "all-natural," or "a product of nature." Unfortunately these statements are taking advantage of the fact that salt is indeed, a naturally occurring product, as are many of the ingredients found in ice melters. Natural or not, salt will kill grass. When winter changes to spring, and your efforts move from clearing sidewalks to re-sod grass and replace shrubs, this "all-natural," product proves to be very unfriendly.
Fertilizers won't melt ice, but they will burn your vegetation!
Fertilizers make lousy ice melters - Although they are commonly promoted as viable alternatives to salt or harsh chemicals, fertilizers such as potasium chloride or urea make exceptionally poor ice melters (neither will melt lower than 20° above zero). More importantly, their winter time application rate exceeds the recommended fertilizer application by 10 to 1. The result is unsightly fertilizer burn of your vegetation.
The Science vs. The Marketing
Studies by both Iowa State University and the University of Wisconsin, where vegetation and heavy winter de-icing are serious issues, found sodium chloride used as an ice melter, contaminates soil, resulting in extensive loss of plant life. Similarly, potassium chloride and urea were both found to cause fertilizer burn when used at ice melter application rates. Even calcium chloride and magnesium chloride were found to damage vegetation.
Iowa State University of Horticulture, The Effects of Common De-icing Chemicals on Trufgrass, 1996
University of Wisconsin, Department of Soil Science, De-icer Effects on Kentucky Bluegrass Turf, 1996

Ossian Inc. has been developing and manufacturing high performance ice melters since 1974. Based in the heart
of the U.S. snowbelt, Ossian operates the most active private de-icing lab in the United States, working to reduce
our country's dependency on salt and pioneering alternative de-icing technology.